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    Jonathan Endersby Guest

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    I saw a long time ago on this board, someone asking how to change the mouse pointer on a mouse over. Two answers were posted, one said just stick a <a href="#">linktext</a>... which works fine for text, but I am wanting to do it for a <TD>. Someone else posted an answer using DHTML and a style tag... I can&#039t find that tag, Does anyone know how to do it ???

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    MikeD Guest

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    I think what they ment to post was to use either DHTML/CSS or an inline style. Most HTML tags allow the use of the STYLE attribute - I haven&#039t ran into one where I needed to use it and couldn&#039t.<BR><BR>&#060;td style="cursor:hand"&#062;Should be a hand over this&#060;/td&#062;<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Mike D.

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