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    Default Rates

    What is the standard rate for ASP/SQL Developer ?

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    Default Depends on experience & location.

    Your best bet is to start calling around to some local recruiters and checking on some job sites like Monster.com, Dice.com and HotJobs.com.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default I disagree

    Recruiters -- and their brethon -- troll places like Monster, Dice, and HotJobs. The problem with recruiters is that they nearly ALWAYS inflate the price of the job in order to lure your resume into them.<BR><BR>In fact, I&#039;ve talked specifically to one recruiter at a large firm, and he told me that some jobs posted to those sites don&#039;t even exist!!! They&#039;re there to lure you in...<BR><BR>I mean, look at some of those jobs. One year experience starting at $80K? Yeah..... right............<BR><BR>Shady business practice at best. I have another name that I use for recruiters, but I don&#039;t think Scott would allow it through a moderated forum ;)

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