&nbsp;<BR>The script I use to verify email addresses is reject email addresses that a have . appearing anywhere before the @ sign. I must modify the script to accomodate the new convention.<BR><BR>I see I can delete if "u_dot &#060; u_at" from the following line and the "((u_dot-u_at) &#060; 2)" AND the script will accept an email address such as anyone.anywho@anywhere.com<BR><BR>Can I safely delete them with allowing bad email<BR>&#039;if (u_dot &#060; u_at) or (len(u_email) &#060;= u_dot+1) or ((u_dot-u_at) &#060; 2) then<BR><BR>&#039;if (len(u_email) &#060;= u_dot+1) or ((u_dot-u_at) &#060; 2) then<BR><BR>if (len(u_email) &#060;= u_dot+1) then (With this line left, the email address is accepted, but does delete the ((u_dot-u_at) &#060; 2) open me up to future errors?