I&#039m wondering if it is possible to create a text file from asp only every 30 minutes, and not everytime a user calles up the text file. <BR><BR>i.e., When a user comes to my site, asp gets news headlines from an external server and puts them into a text file. I don&#039t want this to happen everytime a user visits, since this would be redundant as the headlines they retrieve are only updated every 30 minutes. Instead, I want ASP to only allow 1 user to update the text file every 30 minutes, and in between that time, other users will simply call from the local text file instead of updating it. <BR><BR>Is this possible? Do I do this via an automation script, or set some sort of server cache time limit in the Globa.asa? (I do not own my own server but rent!)<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated<BR>luc<BR>luciusism@yahoo.com