I have a project at college for a hotel booking system. visible on the screen is a grid of 20 x 7 text boxes.20 down by 7 accross. The ones accross the top denote the days of the week and dates; and the ones down the side denote the room numbers. The screen will input information to a database containing customer details and I need the name of the customer outputted to the relevant text box. The relevant textbox will depend on the room and the date. My idea is to use data controls or ADO and retrieve the information this way; but can it be done with fewer than 140 data controls and if so how?I need help understanding how to write SQL using either variables(Or is this too tricky)and using controls in SQL. I have read up on this but don't fully understand it.I would really appreciate any help as I cant find the relevant pages on-line.Thank-you for your help.