In an article it describes how to make a popup window with the calendar control and then "submit" the date chosen back to the page and insert the value into a text box, now I have a problem that I need to user runat="Server" within the form for my application.... it doesn&#039;t however, respond to anything (doesnt close the window it opened and doesn&#039;t insert the date.<BR><BR>I have found that if I put a form tag around the form, it doesnt work either. Now I need on continuous form for my application and this calendar lookup would go great with what I am busy with.<BR><BR>Any workarounds you guys may suggest? I have tried to get the data from the form and show it in an ASP Label, but it seems I can&#039;t "extract" the date from the other form (if I have two seperate forms)<BR><BR>Please help or suggest an alternative way. Thanks