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    I am not sure how to word this. I created a small database website using asp, which I am relatively new to. Its basically WORDS and their MEANINGS. There are a list of words and you type the one you require meaning for into the form provided. I was told it should be such that you don&#039;t need to type it in but click on the word. How do I do that? Can ASP do this?<BR><BR>Naturegirl07

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    Sure....It&#039;s really quite easy. I would suggest starting here<BR><BR>if you haven&#039;t done any work with ASP and databases yet....The database lessons are a great beginning, and preety easy to get into.<BR><BR>Basically, you need to get the list of words out of the database, use ASP to turn them into hyperlinks, and then to pull the appropriate definition when clicked. The link that I gave you should get you well on your way.

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