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Thread: Updating records w/ lookup fields

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    Default Updating records w/ lookup fields

    I've read a couple of posts that have touched on this, but I'm still lost. I have an Access 2000 table that contains a lookup field with values stored in another table. The bound column in the lookup is the autonumber primary key of the second table. How do I add a new record to that first table when the value from my form is not the numeric value, but the associated text value? I'm guessing that first I need to route the form's value to the second table, then call the autonumber in the new record? How do I do this?

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    Default How do you mean?

    What do you have? I can think of a couple of ways to do this, depending on how your system works.<BR><BR>What do you mean by, "the associated text value" from the second table?

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