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    Hi,<BR>can any one tell me how to create a barcode and insert it in the database. I have a online application form and after a student fills the form they need to print the form with a barcode on it.<BR><BR>please help me..<BR>thanks in advance

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    Default Why??? you need to save the barcode in the DB???<BR><BR>1&#062; Search for *3 Of 9 Barcode* font on and download it<BR>2&#062; In the report, wherever you need to display a value in Barcode just print it out in that font, looks (and acts) like a regular barcode. Most cases the value needs to be surrounded by * sign for the barcode reader to read it<BR>So if you want to display a zip code 12345 as a BarCode, you set the value as *12345* and set the font as 3 Of 9 Barcode, simple...

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