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    My form fields are created in Frontpage and set to be validated using Frontpage&#039s webbot form field validation. However, when I try to enter data, no validation occurs. I set the text field validation to be an integer 1 to 999 but I can type in anything. No validation occurs. Must your server be a Frontpage server to use webbots? How do I use webbot to validate the forms?<BR>My files are saved as *.asp since they contain server-side code.<BR><BR>sample code:<BR>&#060;form action="Input.asp" method="POST" name="submitform"&#062;<BR>&#060;p&#062;&#060;font size="4"&#062;Reference number: &#060;/font&#062;&#060;!--webbot<BR> bot="Validation" s-data-type="Integer"<BR> s-number-separators="x" b-value-required="TRUE"<BR> i-minimum-length="1" i-maximum-length="3"<BR> s-validation-constraint="Greater than or equal to"<BR> s-validation-value="1"<BR> s-validation-constraint="Less than or equal to"<BR> s-validation-value="999" --&#062;&#060;input type="text" size="3"<BR> maxlength="3" name="ref_no_t"&#062; <BR>&#060;/form&#062;

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    You guess is correct, webbot needs FP servers. <BR><BR>I would recommend to move your checking procedures to VB scripts and trigger it at the submit button or something.<BR><BR>If you have problems, leave me a message.

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