I have been trying to use a regular expression to identify a URL in a text string and then convert it to a link. I found a script on the net that helps me do this but it has some limitations. It will identify URL&#039;s that begin with "http://" and properly convert them to links. What it does not do is convert URL&#039;s that just begin with "www."<BR><BR>Here is the script I am using:<BR><BR>************************************ *<BR><BR>&#039; Get string from database<BR>strInput = RS("MsgText")<BR><BR>&#039; Remove any HTML code that may be in the string<BR>strInput = Server.HTMLEncode(strInput)<BR><BR>Dim loRegExp &#039; Regular Expression Object<BR><BR>&#039; Create Regular Expression object<BR>Set loRegExp = New RegExp<BR><BR>&#039; Keep finding links after the first one. <BR>loRegExp.Global = True<BR><BR>&#039; Ignore upper/lower Case<BR>loRegExp.IgnoreCase = True<BR><BR>&#039; Look For URLs that start with http://<BR>loRegExp.Pattern = "((ht&#124f)tps?://S+[/]?[^.])([.]?.*)"<BR><BR>&#039; Link http:// URLs<BR>LinkURLs = loRegExp.Replace(strInput, "&#060;A target=&#039;_blank&#039; href=""$1""&#062;$1&#060;/A&#062;$3")<BR><BR>&#039; Release regular expression object<BR>Set oRegExp = Nothing<BR><BR>*********************************** *****<BR><BR>Now, I have implemented a version of this script that will convert text that begins with "www." in addition to the "http://" but when I did it, it was also converting the www. in a link like http://www.domain.com. The result was a link that was basically linked twice and would not work.<BR><BR>Anybody have any suggestions on how to get this script to convert both http:// and www. to a link?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Keith Rucker