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Thread: How to Transition from ASP to ASP.Net

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    I am fully comfortable with asp, but I want to switch to so I can take advantage of my knowledge of Can anyone give me some pointers on how to transition my old ASP projects to <BR>In my old ASP projects, I would create an ASP page as an include file, create two subs, CreateTop and CreateBottom which would create the top and bottom of every single page in any given internet application. How would I go about doing the same thing in I can&#039;t figure out how to call a sub in another aspx page that contains HTML to write into the current page. Thanks for any help anyone can provide

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    The best advice I can give is to just jump into ASP.NET head first. As you play around more and more with ASP.NET you&#039;ll quickly find that it is radically different from classic ASP. The logic you need to employ when creating your pages, the code/code style you write, etc. I&#039;d recommend my book, ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code, as a good place to get into .NET (it assumes you know your stuff when it comes to ASP/traditional Web development). You can pick up a copy at:<BR><BR><BR>BTW, if you are looking for information on converting an EXISTING ASP page to ASP.NET (taking as little time as possible), see:<BR>

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