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    just wondering if there is a limit to number of rs u can use on 1 webpage, what are drawbacks if any of using too many<BR>thanks

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    General rule of thumb is to keep the number of open recordsets to a minimum. The more you have, the more of a performance hit you&#039;ll receive. If you find yourself with a bunch, it&#039;s probably more efficient to put the data into arrays using getrows().<BR><BR>I&#039;m actually not sure if there&#039;s a limit or not. It&#039;s probably big enough that you&#039;ll never reach it with taking a HUGE performance hit. :)

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    if you planning on using many recordsets then perhaps you should look into creating views and sprocs instead (I&#039;m assuming your using SQL Server).<BR><BR>Otherwise re-think the way your doing things, cause making 20 Server.CreateObject("") in one asp page is, I think, a lot and there&#039;s always place for improvement like views and sprocs.

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