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    Hello, <BR><BR>These aren&#039;t exact ASP questions but I hope someone can help me out. <BR><BR>1st) I am trying to call two javascript functions in the onSubmit field, how exactly would I do this? Because onSubmit="Function(this);function2(this)" isn&#039;t working :(<BR><BR>And also, is it possible to make a form action open to _blank ? So the page it calls for the action="blah.htm" comes up in a _blank window?<BR><BR>Any help is GREATLY appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>-M

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    1) Sounds like your first function is breaking and stopping execution so that the second function isn&#039;t called. What you&#039;ve written ought to work. Make sure your browser is set to report all errors.<BR><BR>2) &#060;form action="blah.htm" target=&#039;_blank&#039;&#062; should do the trick.

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