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    Ian L Guest

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    I&#039m trying to set up a shoping cart for someone who is hosted on wipc.net<BR><BR>There server seems a little odd. the global.asa files are not global. If someone enters from the root web, and i have global.asa file in there, it works like it should. However, if someone enters his web from a subdir, like www.domain.com/subdir, then it doesnt work. If i put a copy of the global.asa file in subdir, then it works. I have to have a copy of the global.asa file in any directory someone might enter the web from.<BR><BR>2nd problem i am having is my sessions seem to expire as soon as someone leaves the website. I&#039m assuming this is related in someway to the global.asa problem.<BR><BR>Example: I have a page which passes along credit card info to authorizenet and then authorizenet passes the results of the transaction to another page on his site.<BR><BR>When authorizenet passes the values back to the site, the session values are lost. I&#039ve used this same EXACT system on my own web server without a problem. My global.asa file is only in the root web, and i can leave the site and then come back and my session values are still there.<BR><BR>Can someone tell me if there is a way i can fix this within the asp code? or do i have to contact his WPP and see if they can fix this by changing some properties of his web?

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    Mark Guest

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    I assume that you are running ASP on an IIS box. Make sure that you are NOT nesting global.asa files. This means that only one (1) global.asa file should exist for the root directory and ALL subdirectories. Putting a global.asa file in one of the subdirectories can cause a mixup of Application and Session variables, INCLUDING SessionID.<BR><BR>If a second global.asa file is needed, make sure that you create a new Virtual Directory. The physical location of this New Virtual Directory must be physically OUTSIDE of the root directory, and OUTSIDE of all other virtual directories.<BR><BR>Keep in mind that the gobal.asa file is directed to the directory where it is stored, AND ALL of it&#039s subdirectories.<BR><BR>The web server can sometimes get confused as to which asa file it should use, when asa files are nested.<BR><BR>

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    Ian L Guest

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    I&#039m assuming its an NT server running IIS. I normally use my own server, but this guy signed a year contract with his WPP so he wants to keep using them.<BR><BR>I HAVE to nest the global.asa files. If i dont, then it stops working. For example....when authorizenet comes back into the cgi-bin directory to post the results, it&#039s unable to find the DSN because i have that stored in a session variable. I have to put the global.asa file in the cgi-bin directory.<BR><BR>basically, i need a copy of the global.asa file in ANY directory where someone might enter the website. If they come into the website in a directory which does not have the global.asa file, then a session never starts.<BR><BR>Not sure if i can make a virtual directory since the WPP would probably charge for that.

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