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    Which is the best way:<BR><BR>To call one stored procedure from ASP, returning multiple recordsets (possibly more than 100) OR Call the stored procedure multiple times (more than 100 times) from the asp for each different input parameter...<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Just time it and see, however I would reckon calling one stored procedure would be more efficient.<BR><BR>Resolving the IDispatch interface many times is more intensive than just the once as you are going back and forth many times which is costly.<BR><BR>Havent tested this but I&#039;m pretty sure this would be the case.

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    I know this isn&#039;t your question but do you really need to return possibly 100 recordsets? Could you possibly return that data in one recordset w/ multiple rows?<BR><BR>Maybe not, but I&#039;d try to answer those questions before I worried about the speed of calling 100 times vs 1.

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