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    Is there a way to install .NET onto IIS5 (Win2K) without needing the full SDK installation? Also, can IIS be configured (easily) to only allow .NET onto certain WebSites? I&#039;ve tried looking for a resource but so far haven&#039;t found one, or I haven&#039;t looked hard enough yet.<BR>Thanks for any help!

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    You will need to install the ~20 MB download from That&#039;s the smallest download you can hope to get your hands on.<BR><BR>As far as configuring certain Web sites to use ASP.NET and others to not.. sure, you can right click on a Web site name in the IIS Configuration dealie and choose Properties/Home Directory/Confirguration. Then you can choose what extensions map to what DLLs. Simply remove the .aspx and associated ASP.NET extensions. And you&#039;re done! :-)

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