I was hoping someone could point me to some sample code for the problem I&#039;ve been having:<BR><BR>I want to create a custom web server control that has a collection of items. I want this collection of items to show in the "object collection editor" when I click on "items" in the properties window for the control. I&#039;ve looked all over, but have been unable to find some sample code for this. Is it possible?<BR><BR>And if that is possible, is there example code for a custom control that has a collection of different types? Like the MS toolbar. When you edit the items collection you can add different types (i.e. dropdown, button, etc.).<BR><BR>Also, is it possible to create a custom control that inherits a control, like a listbox, and can I hide (override) its items collection and use my own collection of a custom control inherited from the listitem collection and items?