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    Default Where are they going?

    I&#039;m using the onUnload event in the body tag and have the code:<BR><BR>&#060;body onUnload="alert(location.href)"&#062;<BR><BR>The &#039;alert&#039; is for my testing purposes only. How can I get it to display what the user has entered in the address box before the page disappears?<BR><BR>location.href at this point still contains where they are - not where they are going.<BR><BR>Can this be done?

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    Default I doubt it....

    ...although you may be able to interrogate it out using IE.<BR><BR>The location object has a list of the URLs which have been visited. If you navigate to the very latest one, it MAY have the next page.<BR><BR>I would be surprised if it did, though.<BR><BR>Craig.

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