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    I am trying to change the form action according to a variable passed into a form, the following code won&#039;t work - it takes the value of form_action2 for both cases: <BR><BR> function change_action()<BR> {<BR> var form_action1 = "insert_faults.asp";<BR> var form_action2 = "fault_update_form.asp";<BR> <BR> if (document.faults.form_status.value == "add")<BR> {<BR> document.faults.action = form1<BR> }<BR> if (document.faults.form_status.value = "update")<BR> {<BR> document.faults.action = form2<BR> } <BR> }<BR><BR>form_status is a hidden value in the form and the function is called when the page is loaded. Does anyone has any idea of how to fix this

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    Default That's because

    On your second IF statement, you have:<BR>if (document.faults.form_status.value = "update") <BR>--------------------------------------^<BR><BR>See that? One equal sign, which SETS document.faults.form_status.value equal to "update", instead of comparing. Change it to "==" and you should be good to go.

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