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    Jason Guest

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    I am currently working on a system where a user can make a choice with a pulldown menu and based on that choice different questions become available. What would be the best way to do this.Is there a way to grey out a text area according to what they have to fill out.<BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Mark Guest

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    Use the STYLE attribute in the INPUT Tag:<BR><BR>&#060;input LOCKED READONLY TYPE="text" NAME="Description" SIZE="39" VALUE="AMTR" STYLE="background-color: rgb(192,192,192)" TABINDEX="2"&#062;<BR><BR>Note: The STYLE attribute only works with MSIE 4.0+, Not with netscape browser. It a really good Microsoft specialty.

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    Jason Guest

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    Ok thx man.. that should help.. <BR>If I have any problems I will post another message thx again<BR>Jason

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