I&#039;ve got a function. It looks like this:<BR><BR>Function RegExpReplace(strInput, strPattern, strReplace)<BR> strReturn = ""<BR> <BR> Set regEx = New RegExp<BR> regEx.Pattern = strPattern<BR> regEx.IgnoreCase = True<BR> regEx.Global = True<BR><BR> strReturn = regEx.Replace(strInput, strReplace)<BR><BR> RegExpReplace = strReturn<BR>End Function<BR><BR>It works, but the problem is that it replaces all instances of strPattern in the strInput. What I need is for it to only replace the first match to strPattern that it finds in strInput and replace it with strReplace and stop. Any ideas? I have to use ASP 3.0 on this, it looks like this would be much easier with ASP.net<BR><BR>-TwinBornUncle