help please!!!<BR><BR>I have a problem retreiving data from a string in a record set.<BR><BR>My request form has a drop-down box named "slcChoice" with multiple selections <BR>of string values like "Spider Man", "Batman", etc.. for instance.<BR><BR>I assigned a variable name that contains the value of the drop-down box like :<BR><BR>strCharacter = Request.Form("sclcChoice")<BR><BR>Then I populate the recordeset with the following SQL:<BR><BR>srtSQL = "SELECT CharacterName FROM COMICS WHERE CharacterName LIKE &#039;" & strCharacter & "&#039;;"<BR><BR>Set RS= Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>RS.Open strSQL, ObjConn,0,1<BR><BR>It works fine if the name contained in the variable is a string without any space between the words.<BR>For "Batman" it returns the records because "Batman" is in one word; <BR>when for "Spider Man" it doesn&#039;t return anything because the string has two words.<BR><BR>How should I modify the code above to get the full string return in the recordset.<BR>I am using SQL Server and also Access2000, would the code be the same ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for the help.<BR><BR>Best regards.