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    Sorry, not much of a total ASP question, bt this is the best place to get real, good answers.<BR>I am running Windows 2000 and in the IIS control, I added another site, using one of the multiple IPs we have. The problem is, I can&#039;t access the site. I connect using one IP, and that&#039;s the only one that will work. Do I need to make another connection or what? What do I do to allow that IP to be used for a connection?<BR><BR>Also (here&#039;s the ASP part), I have a few include files I use for things such as user validation and top page HTML includes. When I include files, I am restricted to the folder I&#039;m in and it&#039;s subfolders. If I want to "go up one folder," what do I do? I have been unable to find another way to do this. I can&#039;t get teh file&#039;s code with the FileSystemObject, because I need the ASP code contained in the files to be run. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    Default Windows 2000 Server?

    Are your ip&#039;s bound to the NIC card? I assume so. And you specifically created another web site and bound the ip to that IIS web site? And, this new website has a different root folder than your other sites?<BR><BR>ASP Part...<BR><BR>I&#039;ve had the best luck with creating a virtual directory for include files to avoid nested include problems. Here is the syntax for referenceing the include when placed in a IIS virtual directory called "Includes".<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="includes/myfile.asp"--&#062;

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    to using another IP address would be to run your new web site on a different port (somthing IIS should allow you to do...)<BR><BR>

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