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    I want the page to give the "warning please refresh page". <BR>how can i prevent people from using the back button to on browser. <BR>Also, anyone have the next 5 records code?

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    I personally would not tell people they need to refresh their page because many people will not know what you are talking about, and besides, they shouldn&#039t have to do that. You could put "Response.Expires = 0" in your code to force the page not to cache.<BR><BR>The only way that I know of that you can prevent people from using the back button is to use javascript to create a new pop-up window that does not have a menu bar or a history like:<BR><BR>Function newwin()<BR>{<BR> open(&#039popup.html&#039, &#039new_window&#039,&#039toolbar=1,location=1,dir ectories=1,status=1,<BR>menubar=0,scrollbars=1,res izable=1,<BR>copyhistory=0,width=500,height=500&#0 39);<BR>}<BR><BR>The reason I am saying copyhistory=0 is because the user could right click on the screen and go back without having a menu bar. I am not sure, but I suspect that if you use copyhistory=0 they will not be able to do that.<BR><BR>

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