Calling ASP (dynamic content) within a .JS file

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Thread: Calling ASP (dynamic content) within a .JS file

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    Default Calling ASP (dynamic content) within a .JS file

    Hi guys, <BR><BR>I&#039;m a newbie to ASP, but am learning it quite rapidly. My problem is I have a .js file which inside it I want to be able to call information from my SQL database using ASP. Whats the best method to do it? <BR><BR>I&#039;m pretty sure it can be done as i&#039;ve seen those extremely popular java scrollers that have have dynamic content. If you know how to do it or a website that explains how please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR><BR>James

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    Since your a self-proclaimed newbie I&#039;ll be gentle<BR><BR>Javascript is client-side - you cannot use ASP once the page is loaded. However, you can use javascript to request information from an asp page. We typically use the xmlhttp object for this<BR><BR>Note that if the client computer doesn&#039;t have msmxl or is using an older browser such as Netscape 4.7x you are going to have problems.

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    Default Or the other way

    What I have typically done in the past, is dynamically create the content in the first place. So, instead of calling dynamic content from js (which you can&#039;t do), create the js from dynamic content.<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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