Hi, I have created a page, configured the data adapter, <BR>and connection. I used the adapter to create a Dataset, I <BR>chose the fields and tables i wanted. I view the dataset <BR>schema and its exactly waht i want. I&#039;ve filled the <BR>dataset using the adapter. Why therefore are my records <BR>being duplicated? <BR><BR>The code I have worked fine on the beta release and <BR>showed 19 records. The Full .Net PE for some reason is <BR>duplicating the records and shows 38.<BR><BR>I have checked the relationship between the tables and <BR>this is fine. When I preview the table it is fine.<BR><BR>I am using a repeater to format the table but i have <BR>checked my code and theres nothing in there which would <BR>duplicate my records.<BR><BR>Why is it doing this?? *sobs*<BR><BR>Thx for any help<BR><BR>Steve<BR>