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    When I move development from my local machine (with web server and database on the same machine) to a remote web server and SQL box on different machines the aspx page fails to connect to the database. With the following error:<BR><BR>SQL Server does not exist or access denied<BR><BR>Both machines can ping each other, and the username and password are correct, but I&#039;m not sure where in the program it&#039;s trying to send them.<BR><BR>Any Ideas?

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    Hi!<BR>Your problem is not clear.....I will try.....<BR><BR>See If you have moved your developent from one m/c to another m/c, means yourdatabase is remote now. Suppose you are making your Application using Studio.net. You have to creat new connection to your remote database (by going in "Server Explorer" menu). <BR>i think this may help you....<BR><BR>If u have some time and see my problem also....<BR><BR>Thanks and regards,<BR>Kapil

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