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    I use this code to open an application (got the aspexec.dll for it).<BR><BR>Set Executor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")Executor.App lication = "cmd.exe"<BR>Executor.Parameters = "S: oolsESetupesetup.exe "&nummer<BR>execres = LCase(Executor.ExecuteDosApp)<BR><BR>But when the the page is loded I can&#039;t see the application it should open (tried different dos and win applications). One wierd thing is that I can se a process for the application is thould open in the task manager but I can&#039;t then terminate the process (so if I refres the page a new process starts for the new app so I had for a while 10 notepad and 6 cmd that I couldn&#039;t end or se)<BR><BR>How do I do to se these (hidden?) applications?<BR>I use windows 2000 prof with standard IIS.

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    Default Could ASPExec be hiding it?

    Why don&#039;t you try to use the WShell object and execute it that way.<BR><BR>I think there might be a FAQ that shows how to do that.<BR><BR>Otherwise, I have no idea.<BR><BR>-Doug

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