Hi,<BR>I an generating buttons at run time. I have made a array of web control button like:<BR><BR>protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.LinkButton[] Link =new LinkButton[100];<BR><BR>I have initialized it, and attaching click event on it like:<BR><BR><BR>for(int i=0;i&#060;100;i++)<BR>{<BR>Link[i]=new LinkButton(i);<BR>Link[i].Text=i;<BR>Link[i].Click+=new EventHandler(this.My_Method);<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>wher e My_Method fuction is like this:<BR><BR>private void My_Method(object sender, EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR>}<BR> <BR>In above method I want to know that this event is fired on click of which Link Button.<BR>By knowing this I can print some message(like Text of LinkButton) corresponding to link button.For example If I click on first Link button The message should be "1", If I click on second button the message should be "2" and so on.<BR><BR>Please reply to my mail id also.....kapweb@yahoo.com<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards,<BR>Kapil<BR><BR><BR><BR>