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Thread: Performance in Word reports thru ASP

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    hi there,<BR>sorry to post in this section...<BR>we were generating "word" reports through asp,with IIS on NT Server<BR>the method which we followed was recorded a macro then modified<BR>it to suit our requirements. Is this method efficient..?<BR>what we found is that it took 5 min. to generate 155kb word doc.<BR>we also created VB 6 dll for report generation part but same performance problem.<BR>also when the word document generation is under process<BR>it is taking 100% processor resource at the server.<BR><BR>in the word document which is generated there are many tables(word tables) and lot of bold and unbold.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Yes.

    Word IS intensive on the server.<BR><BR>No, it isn&#039;t efficient. When you record a macro, Word sets every property imaginable. You are better off hand-coding a macro.<BR><BR>Lastly, do you know that Word is only allows a single-instance? If you have 2 users running the same thing at the same time, you will get into a problems. And, did you know that you can create HTML and just save it with a .DOC extension and with most windows stations, it&#039;ll open it in Word.<BR><BR>-Doug

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