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Thread: ASP vs. CGI vs. Coldfusion vs. ???

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    Can anybody make a case for using CGI over ASP.<BR>A year ago, I was considering using Coldfusion but<BR>I never committed to it. Is CGI(Perl) more efficient than<BR>ASP. ASP uses session variables to maintain state while<BR>Perl/CGI would use hidden tags. Is there a performance<BR>consideration between the two methods.<BR>Lastly, is there a new alternative out there over all of<BR>the above w.r.t. developing interactive pages and is this <BR>latest thing easier and quicker to develop pages with.

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    There are many issues to consider when choosing your scripting/web server platform for developing web pages that generate dynamic content. <BR><BR>In comparing CGI using Perl and ISAPI using ASP, the first thing to be aware of this that ISAPI runs in process. Each hit to the web server spawns a new thread, not a new process as is the case with CGI. There is significantly less overhead in creating a new thread. However, I have heard of FastCGI which is supposed to run in-process like ISAPI (ASP).<BR><BR>As far as using session variables or hidden tags, there is a performance hit in using session variables because that information has to be saved in memory on the server whereas with tags the state is passed along with each request. For high volume sites, you will want to use hidden variables (tags) or cookies so that your requests to the web server are stateless.<BR><BR>Lastly, is there a new alternative? I would say that the JSP/Java Servlet model qualifies. It has many benefits but I would still argue that the easiest and quickest method/platform is ISAPI/ASP/IIS.<BR><BR>hope this helps,<BR><BR>bizzby<BR><BR>

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    There is a good article on that discusses the advantages of using various Server Side Scripting Languages:<BR><BR>Server-Side Scripting Shootout<BR>

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