Anyone had this problem?<BR><BR>I&#039;m attempting to install .Net on Windows 2000 Server Edition. After clicking setup I choose the Windows Component Update, then the computer beeps and the installation window just closes. That&#039;s it, over and over. So I found an article on Microsoft&#039;s knowledge base that tells you how to do the component update manually. I go through those and when I get to updating the Front Page Server Extensions I get an error message that they cannot be installed on Windows 2000 or later. I finish the rest of the component updates and run setup again. This time it starts me out at the VS.Net installation. Almost immediately after the installation begins to copy files an error pops up saying that I don&#039;t have all the components installed. I wiped out the machine and installed Win 2000 Server all over again. Now I try to install .Net and I get the same results. <BR><BR>Any ideas?