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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to create a web-based directory browser for an intranet. I&#039;ve got everything in place bar the hyper-links on files.<BR><BR>The documents need to be linked in the following way:<BR><BR>\servernamefolderdocument.doc<BR><BR>i &#039;ve tried adding the file: prefix but the documents won&#039;t load when the link is clicked.<BR><BR>i.e. file:\serverdocuments elephone.doc<BR><BR>When the link is clicked the browser does nothing.<BR><BR>Can files be linked in this way?<BR><BR>Robert

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    Default file is local

    not a reference to a file on the server. You&#039;ll need to convert the physical path to a relative or root path for the link to work. <BR><BR>file:\ references files on the user&#039;s PC, not your server.

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    Default But *IF* (big if)...

    ...all users had the same share names available, then shouldn&#039;t file: work? <BR><BR>You&#039;d be hosed if userA called userX&#039;s machine "sandy" and userB called it "bob", but as long as all the names are the same from any spot on the lan...<BR><BR>??? am I missing something???<BR><BR>

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