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    hi everybody!<BR>I&#039;ve a problem with an asp script.I&#039;ve a Ms Access DB with a message field, a boolean field, a field with the date and a field with an email address. In this script I want to open the DB and select records with the boolean field = 0 and the date field with date already passed. after this I want to send it via XMLHTTP to the email address (this is the unique this that works!!). Finally I want to update record in DB and set boolean field to 1...<BR><BR>I&#039;ve always problem with the record&#039;s update... I&#039;ve not a DSN connection so I don&#039;t know which of the other two method is the best (between ADODB and OLEDB). How can I update records?<BR><BR>thanx a lot <BR><BR>Nick

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    ADODB is the ADO data objects. not directly comparible to OLEDB, which is the windows-native connection scheme, which ADODB can use.<BR><BR>I think you mean ODBC, don&#039;t you? use OLEDB dsn-less strings, they&#039;re faster, more efficient, and IMHO, more reliable.<BR><BR>now your question. it doesn&#039;t really make sense. you can select records, right? how come you&#039;re having trouble updating? show code.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/

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