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    There is an existing Access/SQL Server application. In that application once the user enters the UserID and password, it would be validated against the access rights setup for that database on SQL server database. I would like provide a web front-end for this application. When the user enters UserID and password on my Log-on web page, it should be validated against the access rights provided on the SQL server. Is it possible to do this? I assume that the Security and access rights in SQL server are stored in system tables and I am not sure Using ASP we can get access to them.<BR><BR>Or should I have my own Access rights table on SQL server and validate the User&#039s info against this table. <BR><BR>Kindly give me some ideas.<BR>Thank you<BR>Nath

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    Nath<BR><BR>Most of the Web applications I am used to do not use integrated security with the SQL server database, however that said it should not be very hard to implement:<BR><BR>Use the login data when they login to your web for the values used when you set your connect string to your sql server database, ie UID,PWD. From that point onward you will have to be carefull to check for error when you actually open the data source. Also be carefull to ensure that when you open a data source that you open it in the mode for the work you are doing so that the permissions setup in sql actually are referenced and you don&#039t disable someone from what they acctually need to do.<BR><BR>mailto:gary@sanwire.com

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    Gary -<BR><BR>Thank You very much.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Nath

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