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    Default bandwidth throttling

    We have around 300 sites on a 320kbps line that can burst to 2Mb.<BR>Our server admin has limited the bandwidth on all sites to 5k. Personally I think this is way to low but we don&#039;t want to give everyone unlimited bandwidth so are there any recomondations?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default bob635, any relation to bob151?

    Anyway -<BR><BR>I think that sites that are publicly available are slow if they aren&#039;t hosted on a T1 line.<BR><BR>Even cable modems and DSL hosted sites quickly can become slow.<BR><BR>Just my $0.02.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default Yep, but....

    Depends on what the sites are. If they&#039;re personal sites, that may get a couple of hits a week, you&#039;d probably want to increase the bandwidth some, to accomadate the bloated pictures that are so often a staple of such sites.<BR><BR>However, if they are commercial sites, that coudl be *way* to low, as Doug suggested. Heck, even a T1 isn&#039;t enough for many sites. I sure wouldn&#039;t want to run the IRS web site, and the 29 *billion* page hits that it gets every year on a T1. ;-)

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