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    bizzby Guest

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    In the JSP FAQ on Sun&#039s site, I found the following quote about JSP:<BR> “-- How is a JSP technology-based page invoked and compiled? <BR> Pages built using JSP technology are typically implemented using a translation phase that is performed once, the first time the page is called. The page is compiled into a Java Servlet class and remains in server memory, so subsequent calls to the page have very fast response times.”<BR><BR>Does ASP on IIS work the same way? In other words, does the page get compiled/interpreted the first time the page is called end then remain in server memory, improving performance on subsequent calls?<BR><BR>thanks.

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    Dano Guest

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    To the best of my knowledge, no. Every time an ASP script is fired it goes through two processes, the first is compilation, the second is the actual processing.<BR><BR>Dano

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    bizzby Guest

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    Thanks, you are right. I found this article which compares ASP to JSP: if you are also interested.

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    Default Tools to compile ASP pages

    There are third-party components that will create compiled versions of ASP pages for you (DLLs). You can see such a product at:<BR><BR>

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