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    Matt Deegan Guest

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    Hi, i&#039ve never really been a programmer but I need a bit of ASP know-how to help me with my finalist project. <BR><BR>The concept of the project is to see if Internet users will follow rules or ignore them completely. <BR><BR>The idea is that the user will be displayed a website (a) they will then be asked to submit a new site (b) which they think in some way links to site (a). McDonalds&#039 home page could provoke a link to a vegetarian website for example. <BR>The next user who visits the site will see page (b) and asked to do a similar thing. <BR><BR>I need just a few lines of ASP code that will handle the user&#039s form reply displaying it to the next visitor. Also another page will list all the sites that have submitted so the visitor could see the progression of site submissions.<BR><BR>If you want some more info about the project or feel you could help can you email<BR><BR>Matt.<BR>

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    Pat Murphy Guest

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    I would use a database For this....Have a standard FORM for the users to enter data (URL, etc.) Then submit. The Page that is loaded for the NEXT user would display the URL (from the database) of the LAST URL entered.<BR><BR>The View ALL would simply be a Select * from tbl <BR>and display using Active server pages....<BR><BR>This may be more than you need...but it WOULD work!

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    Matt Deegan Guest

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    Sounds great, I just don&#039t have the ability to write it, could you give me a hand. I&#039ll come up with a reward as a sweetener ;).<BR>Drop me an email - if you/anyone can help me out.<BR>

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