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    Hello there. I just want to know whether I can apply ASP in this case or not. So if my question does not have to do anything with ASP, please bare with me. Here is what I have to do. <BR>My company is a broadcasting company and it has an adaptive bandwidth-management solution, QoS (Quality of Service), that ensures performance across broadcast networks and the Internet. It classifies and analyzes network traffic and generates reports on network utilization. When the user generates report, the machine will generate the graphics of the bandwidth in .gif format and uploaded in the browser. At this moment, they have to save those graphics to hard disk manually by using right click (save picture as) because those files can be saved only for 24 hrs in the QoS machine. What they want to do is to generate and save those files automatically once a day, prefer in the morning. QoS machine has its own IP address and web-interface software. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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    The easiest way would be if you can download the files from the QoS machine via FTP. There are a couple of scriptable FTP components (I think has one) out there.<BR><BR>If you have to treat the web page on the QoS machine as data from your ASP pages, it still should be possible, but I&#039;d definitely recommend researching what components there are that could help you do this. has a nice list of available components that you could browse through to find the one you need.<BR><BR>But the ideal way would almost surely be FTP if that&#039;s available.<BR><BR>

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