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Thread: confusing with Authentication.

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    IN my first ASP page, i want to let my user to choose what kind of login that they wish to access. <BR><BR>1. if choose win NT login then they uncessary to enter any username / password.<BR>2. if using SQL server login, they access with their own server login id & password.<BR><BR>When i check the integraded window authentication without enabling the anonymous access, a NT login window would be prompt out. <BR><BR>If this window prompt out, then user ,that want to login with sql server account, cannot access the web site.<BR><BR>What i can do for both login validation? and let&#039;s the 2 login method can be work @ the same time.<BR><BR>Any suggestion? <BR>

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    well well I donno whether i got ur problem fully, still how abt this keep sql server password for authentication, and give user a separate user name and password, if user name and pass matches ur scritp can connect to SQL server

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