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    could somebody make me an example of a server an client for an avatar chat program..such as the one at "www.voodoochat.com" (it has screenshots) and email me the sample source codes writtin in visual basics for the avatar/ text based chat.....my email is "blaze@fiyalite.com," Thanks.

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    Default are you smokin' crack?

    How about you grow a brain, and try to code it up yerself?<BR><BR>Nobody here wants to do your dirty work for ya...<BR><BR>Lay off the crack pipe dude.

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    Default ***?

    Shall that be VB.Net? Or would you prefer C or Java even? How about free lifetime technical support?<BR><BR>I can&#039;t quite get the same screenshot, I have to use a different shade of blue... will that be okay for you?

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    Default Where do we send the bill?

    And of course, we&#039;ll require a $50,000 deposit and a letter of credit from your bank for not less than $200,000 more.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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