I&#039;ve got an existing asp application. I&#039;m going to start migrating it to asp.net. The current app is configured (and requires) iis to have basic authentication on the directories containing the asp code. My question is if I use forms authentication on the .net pieces, how can I pass the user information to iis so that the user isn&#039;t forced to go through the popup box sent by iis when the user goes to a resource protected by iis basic authenticaion. I don&#039;t think .net forms auth is getting iis to authenticate so iis is asking for the user information again. Is there a way for my .net forms auth code to create a security principal and pass it to iis and have that user authenticated through both basic auth (from iis) and forms auth (through .net).??????? <BR><BR>root - anonymous access - this is where my forms auth login is<BR>--appPages - basic auth - bulk of the asp pages<BR><BR>forms auth works fine but when I navigate to any of the dirs under appPages, basic auth kicks in and pops up the dialog requiring userid and password for iis - ie forms auth isn&#039;t telling iis who the user is<BR><BR>gfree98@hotmail.com