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    hey guys,<BR><BR>just after a few pointers and any general hints on setting up a site using some sort of authentication.<BR><BR>basically, I want to grant access to a particular virtual directory which only contains .asp files that access a particular db on sqlserver.<BR><BR>is it possible to do this using the sysusers table in the db so that I can then manage logins/access rights/passwords through the enterprise manager? I won&#039;t need to be able to give them the option to register/change passwords etc. as I will be managing that due to the sensitive nature of the data.<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Rei.<BR>

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    No, it&#039;s not really appropriate, you should really secure the directory using NTFS security, otherwise they could guess/workout the path to the sensitive data and just type the URL in.<BR><BR>I think the best way would be to maintain NT User accounts using ADSI - there is help on this on 4guys, then use basic authentication or NTLM.<BR><BR>You can still use a users table to store other information about the user, not sure about using sysusers though as the fields aren&#039;t particulary friendly.

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