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    If I want to compare the field&#039;s name that are past from another form using post method, is it possible to use name property. In the form, I past some data like this:<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="&#060;%=cstr(txtname)%&#062;"&#062;<BR>where txtname is a field name I took from db<BR>&#060;%txtname = rsNew.Fields(iLoop).Name %&#062;<BR><BR>Now, in new page I want to compare whether the field name passed is same before I copy the value from the form.<BR><BR>for iLoop = 1 to rsGroup.Fields.Count -1<BR>txtname2 = rsGroup.Fields(iLoop).Name<BR>if txtname2 = request.form(txtname).Name<BR>Next<BR><BR>Is it possible to use it or there is another way. Thanks..

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    Default Makes no sense?

    &#062; if txtname2 = request.form(txtname).Name<BR><BR>If you use a name (in this case txtname) to get a value from a form field, then wouldn&#039;t the .Name property give you back what you just used? Of course it would!<BR><BR>In other words:<BR><BR>request.form("xyz").Name will *ALWAYS* be "xyz".<BR>request.form("ambo").Name will *ALWAYS* be "ambo".<BR><BR>SO...What are you asking???<BR><BR><BR>

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