I am executing a Stored Procedure that populates a DataGrid that has one column defined as the Hyperlink column. This works fine but my SP returns two values (defined as SHIPTYPE & PRODCODE) for each row. I have SHIPTYPE defined in my "Text field" & "URL field" as my Hyperlink (which works) however both values display in the grid to the right of the Hyperlink<BR>column which I don&#039;t want. How do I suppress the display of these columns?<BR> <BR>I also want to pass both values of the user selected row (via the single Hyperlink) to a target page. I can use this<BR>"OrderProductSummary.aspx?st={0}" <BR>successfully to get the first value passed but how do you get both values passed? I&#039;ve tried "TargetPage.aspx?st={0,1}" &<BR>"TargetPage.aspx?st={0}&pc={1} but always get "Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list."<BR><BR>Any help or direction to an article that explains this would be of great help. <BR><BR>