First of all. Does anyone know of any good resources for doing ASP.Net with VS.Net? Books, websites, etc... <BR><BR>The specific problem I&#039;m having now.<BR><BR>Using I created a sqlDataAdapter and used the configuration tool to write my sql for me for my update, delete, cancel and insert my edits.<BR><BR>I fill a dataset with the dataAdapter and bind a datagrid to the dataset.<BR><BR>I can then throw the datagrid into edit mode. However when I make a change and click my "update" command (which calls the updateCommand1 object created by VS.Net) I get an error that a parameter which updateCommand1 uses needs a value which is true. There are also about 25 other parameters that it is going to need which aren&#039;t assigned.<BR><BR>My question is this: Is there some way to get VS.Net to automatically assign those parameters? It would occur to me that there should be as it has the index of the field that is being updated. I don&#039;t really want to have to assign them all by hand. Anyone have any thoughts?<BR>