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    I have this form that uses cdonts. In the form I have three email address hard coded in that the form is sent to whenever it is submitted. This is working.<BR><BR>However I&#039;m trying to add an extra form field in case the user wants the email to go to a fourth party, only on certain occastions will this happen. I&#039;ve placed a form field in the form and called it extra. In the code I have this, the code runs but the email is not sent.<BR><BR>objCDO.To = "hazel_rushing@eamc.org;sue_langston@eamc.org;tany a_norris@eamc.org;strExtra"

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    You have to put the variable outside the string of addresses, otherwise it does not read as a variable.<BR><BR>objCDO.To = "hazel_rushing@eamc.org;sue_langston@eamc.org;tany a_norris@eamc.org;" & strExtra

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