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    I have asked this before but didn´t gat any answer so I´ll try again:<BR><BR>How do you show and hide layers (div-layers) with J-script?<BR><BR>An simple example would be nice.<BR><BR>ThanX

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    There are two style properties that are important - DISPLAY and VISIBILITY. If you are using absolute positioning in CSS you don&#039t need to use the DISPLAY property.<BR><BR>Anyway, to hide them just set their values in script to :<BR><BR> = "none";<BR> = "hidden" ;<BR><BR>To unhide them use:<BR> = "";<BR> = "visible";<BR><BR><BR>&#060;div id="divHide" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"&#062;Hide Me&#060;/div&#062;

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