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    I need to access a csv file for processing on a external site, like from I need to get it into a recordset for processing ? any idea welcome ?<BR><BR>Mark.

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    Default Depends...

    ...on exactly what you mean.<BR><BR>Are the two sites on the same machine? Same network? Could a UNC share be made between the two? If so, I would set up an ODBC link to the CSV file, which will allow you to treat the CSV file as any other ODBC source and query it using SQL.<BR><BR>If not, you&#039;re going to have to use the XMLHTTP component (or similar) to simulate a HTTP request for that CSV file. You will then have to parse the results into a disconnected recordset and use them.<BR><BR>We&#039;re talking a lot of lag here for one page. You might want to download the CSV file only once a day, or once an hour, or something, as the ASP page is going to take a long time to execute.<BR><BR>Craig.

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